A proven methodology for digitally proactive small businesses.

You could call BluePepper a “DFM” (Done-For-Me) website service. You could call us a WaaS (Website-as-a-Service). Either way, we aim to provide websites that are professionally designed, affordable and that help meet small business sales goals. How do we achieve this?

Let’s take a peek behind the curtain.



Once we get some basic information about your business, we’ll set up your website technically and securely.

  • Domain/URL If you already have a domain name, we'll help transfer it to BluePepper Hosting. If you need a new domain name, we can take care of it, too.
  • Hosting We host all BluePepper websites to guarantee security, performance and full control for an optimal business website. And that's a lot less work for you.
  • SSL/TLS Security CertificatesSecurity protocols ensuring encrypted communications and the secure transfer of information on your website. You'll know your site's secure when you see the little lock next to your URL.
  • Business Email Addresses Along with your domain and hosting, we provide new business email addresses or help connect your preferred email service to your new website home at BluePepper.



Here we select the right layout for your website. Some companies need a landing page or sales funnel to offer a single product or service, while others need more pages to present more info. BluePepper websites are generally 1 to 5 pages, with the option to add more.

  • Sitemap This is a list of web pages for your site, as well as a plan for how they connect and are structured for optimizing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Professional Layout We’ll provide a choice of designs based on your sector, business and style. Each template is created and designed by our team of veteran industry designers, so you’ll be sure everything will be pro.
  • Graphic Charter If you already have strong branding or the beginnings of one, we’ll incorporate this into your new website. If you have no graphic charter, we’ll be providing one via this website — the birth of a brand!



Time to gather visual assets to fill in your layout, such as text, images, etc. If you’re missing something or need to produce custom content, we have you covered with our in-house or partner services.

  • Brand Logo Every business needs a logo. If you already have one and you like it, great! We’ll include it in your new website. If you need one, we can create a fully custom-logo as an add-on.
  • Website Text Nobody knows your business like you do. Supply us with the necessary text to match our design and we’ll have one of our professional copywriters polish it up and make it snappy!
  • Website Images Give us all the photos and images you have that you want included on your new website. If you’re missing images or need new ones, we can provide them from our database. If you require custom-made images or photos, we may refer you to one of our Content Partners.



Here’s where the BluePepper magic happens. We combine the layout and content to create and present custom website choices. Pick your favorite and we’ll complete the site for your feedback and ultimate approval.



With design completed, you’re almost ready to launch. We just need to connect your business apps and conduct some standard pre-launch tests.

  • Responsive Design Every BluePepper website works on all browsers and devices. Guaranteed.
  • Lead-Gen Contact Forms For businesses pro-actively selling online, we embed contact forms for visitors you attracted with your digital marketing campaigns (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.), and whose messages are sent directly to your email inbox.
  • Connecting CRMs If you use Salesforce, Hubspot or some other CRM to manage your customer data, we’ll connect them to your website right from the start.
  • E.U. GDPR Compliance The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic Area. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA areas. If applicable, our plugin will be installed to ensure your website’s compliance.



It’s go time! Your website goes live and we immediately begin to track visits and where visitors are coming from. Your online business is operational.



Arm your back office with Analytics to gather data, track visitors and prep for future website campaigns.

  • Performance Optimization We perform regular tests of your site to ensure that there are no broken links, errors and that loading time is optimized so visitors see what you want them to see quickly.
  • Basic SEO Setup BluePepper websites come pre-installed with a basic SEO setup with Yoast SEO app. If you require more advanced SEO, we can even pair you with an SEO partner expert.
  • Google Analytics Connection We connect your Google Analytics account to your website, providing you all statistics on your website’s reach and engagement.



Reach, engage and generate leads online and convert them into customers. Once your website is launched, let’s collaborate with our content team.

  • SEO
  • Contenu Marketing
  • Social Media

Ready for a website that does more for your business?